Legacy System Modernization

SNR enables customers to migrate legacy applications and networks to IP, avoiding the escalating costs of operating end-of-life applications and technology. This allows customers to utilize the latest technologies and service- oriented infrastructures while improving mission capabilities and increasing effectiveness. SNR has developed proven approaches to transitioning customers from legacy transport technologies such as ATM or circuit-switched TDM to Ethernet and IP-based solutions.  These approaches address mission-specific issues such as encryption and availability, and have been successfully applied to mission networks both large and small.  For example, we have developed approaches for ATM elimination while ensuring that vital ATM network functions, such as PNNI and QoS, continue to operate as the network is down-sized.  Our TDM replacement solutions support military-specific interfaces and timing requirements.  From small tech control facilities to global networks, SNR ideas and solutions are transforming mission-critical communications.