Nevion manufactures award-winning video transport systems for broadcasters, service providers, and government agencies worldwide.  The company provides best-in-class solutions for professional video services from contribution through primary distribution.  Highly modular solutions encompass IP and optical transport, state-of-the-art compression, and routing for any video format over any network infrastructure—within buildings or across continents.

Nevion’s Ventura line of modular signal transport solutions is designed with carrier-class specifications and features in mind.  They provide the flexibility to transport video over virtually any infrastructure from DWDM to IP and Ethernet, and they use encoding methods to support the varying quality requirements of different missions.

SNR engineers develop purpose-built video transport solutions for our customers using Nevion products, including its customizable VideoIPath software application.  VideoIPath features an easy-to-use graphical interface to provide monitoring and provisioning of video services from end to end.  Whatever the transport, VideoIPath enables SNR to customize video solutions for our customers.