The Optical Communications Systems (OCS) division of MRV Communications is a global provider of Carrier Ethernet, WDM transport and infrastructure management solutions. OCS products enable the delivery of Next Generation Optical Transport and Carrier Ethernet services over any fiber infrastructure, facilitating network transformation and increasing efficiency while reducing complexity and costs. As a pioneer and technological leader for more than twenty years, MRV has established a reputation for quality among multinational and regional telecommunications service providers, wireless backhaul operators, cable MSOs and mission-critical enterprises in the government, finance, military, transportation, and utility sectors.

The MRV LX Series Console Servers provide remote serial connectivity to routers, switches, Unix/Linux/Windows servers, sensors, and a wide variety of other equipment through a reliable, cost-effective connection. SNR integrates MRV’s out-of-band management capabilities into the systems we design to provide secure remote access and remote power control to devices in our customers’ infrastructures, including data centers, remote sites, and test labs.

Media Cross Connect™ (MCC) is an optical/electrical/optical (OEO) switch used for media with data rates up to 10Gbps. MCC allows the use of common scripting languages to automate physical layer topology. SNR engineers use MCC’s Tcl-based application programming interface to customize automation of connectivity and provide manageable media conversion.