A-10 Networks

A10 Networks develops high-performance products that help organizations of all sizes accelerate, optimize, and secure their applications.  The company’s products enable innovative solutions in super computing, high-performance networking, security, server load balancing, bandwidth management, and network identity management.

A10’s flagship product line is the AX Series Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs).  The AX Series is a high-performance, scalable platform that leads the market in three key areas:

  • Next-generation server load balancing;
  • IPv6 migration and IPv4 preservation;
  • Cloud computing and virtualization.

SNR engineers have extensive experience with A10’s products, including its flexible scripting technology that enables customized solutions to load balance, duplicate or direct traffic based on data found deep in the IP packet.  Designing flexible and highly available security solutions is just one way that SNR combines our understanding of A10’s capabilities with our deep knowledge of customer issues to create innovative solutions to real-world problems.