Company Overview
SNR Systems, founded in 2006,  is a premier provider of secure, innovative network infrastructure solutions to the U.S. Federal government. With a deep understanding of the Federal government’s infrastructure needs, years of real-world experience, and in-depth technical knowledge, SNR’s team of highly skilled engineers partner with clients to help agencies achieve their mission goals. SNR works with agencies through the design, manufacture, implementation, delivery, and operation of their network infrastructures so that efficiency, cost reduction, productivity, and functionality objectives are met.

Knowing that the best way for SNR to achieve success is through helping agencies realize their vision, we are committed to:

  • Understanding agency missions – we not only learn what an agency hopes to achieve, but also develop solutions that take into consideration the people, business processes, and protocols an agency operates with;
  • Acquiring top industry talent – we continuously search out, hire, and strive to retain skilled, educated, and experienced personnel;
  • Finding the right technology – we cut through the hype and hyperbole of the information technology industry to bring agencies only the best and most appropriate technologies, delivered on time and under budget;
  • Driving constant improvement and growth –we treat our employees, clients, and partners with integrity and respect while constantly challenging ourselves and those around us to improve performance in the pursuit of personal and professional growth.

In support of these values, SNR has developed strategic and technical expertise in the following areas:

  • Legacy system modernization – update aging IT systems to improve cost-savings, efficiency, and productivity without interrupting operations or jeopardizing compliance;
  • Network transport systems – develop the crucial lines of communications for agencies to share information internally as well as with other organizations;
  • IP communications – facilitate data, voice, and video traffic across IP networks to reduce costs while significantly improving performance;
  • Cyber security – protect agency networks from internal and external threats while providing situational awareness, automated detection and prevention, and remediation; Next-generation data centers– consolidate computing assets and leverage virtualization to significantly reduce costs and complexity while preparing for cloud-computing deployments.